My Style: New Hair

I finally have an updated hairstyle for the Spring and I am so happy with it! As some of you may know, I've been rockin' all sorts of reds and browns lately (sort of by accident):

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About two years ago, I bleached all my hair and went blonde. By myself. That was fun while it lasted (...about a month). See right. I was so hot and cold with blonde hair. I wish I had given myself a blonde ombre because the one thing I hated about the blonde was how fast my dark roots were growing out. I was so embarrassed by my blonde hair that when Jared and I won a contest with another local photographer to get a couple portrait session done...we never scheduled it because I didn't want photos of my blonde hair!


Well, in the last two years I let my hair do its own thing and the ends of my hair were still lighter than my roots and had turned auburn. I even received compliments often from people thinking I had red balayage. Embarrassingly, I would explain that my hair has just grown out to this and I haven't had a haircut in over a year...

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It did sort of have a balayage/ombre thing going on. Well, now my hair is all one color and I finally have a fresh cut. I'm loviiiinnnng it.

Let me know what you think! I love changing my hair but I am usually so hesitant to make major changes. Next time...I think I'll put some greyish highlights in there.

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I received a gift card for Christmas to Coco Cheveaux salon in South Portland. My hair was done by Meaghan who did an amazing job and was such a sweetheart!

All photos by Jared Lank.