Back to Work

My windows are cracked and I feel a warm breeze flood my apartment - it must be summer!  I'm sitting down to write this post after months of being away. It feels like the fog has been lifted in my life these days. I hesitate to get too personal, but if you're reading this you may have come via Instagram, and chances are you may have also seen my posts about my late grandfather. I took a break from social media and spent my time with my family, loved ones and my education. The week before my grandfather passed this Spring, I spent every possible moment by his side, and three weeks later I graduated from my university. I faced some of the toughest challenges of my life, but I am grateful. I return to my work, blog, social media and community with a warm heart and enthusiasm for the future, with a touch of resilience. 

For Papa, 5.31.1931 - 4.14.2017