My Style: Christmas 2015

I took a small hiatus from the blog to study for finals and enjoy the holiday season. I hope you had a great holiday! I had a great Christmas this year. Jared and I spent Christmas morning in our apartment together before visiting all the relatives. It was our first time opening gifts together without our parents or other family members so it was extra special.

I am also so grateful for what Jared got me for Christmas! I haven't stopped wearing or using any of it. I've been begging to go look at coats for a while and I've been trying to find the perfect one. Somehow, Jared found it without my and in my size! It's a little longer than I wanted originally but I love it just as much.

I was really hoping he got me a coat-so much that may I planned my Christmas day outfit around having it...hehe, I was so happy when I opened it!

We spent the next few days "staycation-ing" in Portland and trying some new places. Jared took these photos of me at Lois Natural. 

Jared also got me a new iPhone and a Misfit which I've also been dying for! Also-I don't want to seem like I'm bragging but I truly am so grateful. And believe me, it isn't easy for either of us to gift, but we have been saving up and always try to give each other the best gifts because it's just something we both like to do. I saved up and sold a lot of my gear to buy Jared an Xbox One this year and making his Christmas awesome was my goal. We keep our heads about material things, but sometimes its nice to splurge especially if its for one day out of the year!

My parents have had a 1970's television set in their living room for my whole life, so this year we knew we had to get them a new TV. My brother, Jared and I went in on it together and bought Chromecasts for the rest of the family. We didn't really aim to get a bunch of tech this year, it just happened! But everyone was happy and so were we.

Jareds birthday is this week so the festivities continue! I'll do another post about my Misfit soon because it deserves its own shine!