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I'm Back!

Hello! It has been far too long since I have updated my blog. I took time away from updating any of my social media while I focused on my personal life and career. I am finally at a place where I am making regular work again and thought it would be a good time to update my blog.

I spent the last few years working in college admissions (something I never really discussed on social media, mostly to avoid students finding me). Over the last year I’ve been taking on a lot more freelance work and in the Fall I started working with Brook There. I have always dreamt of working in a full time creative environment, and while making regular work for Brook There I felt inspired to do more. In March I left my full time admissions job to continue freelance and also work as a part-time Art Director for Quince and Co. I am regularly reminding myself that teenage me would be screaming right now if she knew what I’ve been up to, so I’m happy to say that I feel that I am right where I am supposed to be. Here are some images I’ve made lately:

Commercial work for Twig and Horn

Collaborations with Google Pixelbook, Moet and Chandon and Narragansett Beer

Recent work for Brook There

My Instagram feed has also become more personal as I step away from over-curation and post more about what I’ve been up to. If you didn’t get here via Instagram, you can follow me @aabbyylou !

If you’ve been a reader of my blog over the years, thanks for coming back. I hope you’ve been doing well and making progress of your own! xx